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Company Profile

Amroc Bremse Oil Tools is enaged in designing and manufacturing of Casing Centralizers, Cement Baskets, Stop collars, Float shoes, Float Collars, cement plugs, bridge plugs, cement retainers, packers, and accessories for the domestic Indian and international markets. Amroc Bremse Oil Tools has manufacturing unit in a major engineering hub near national capital delhi in Faridabad India.
Amroc Bremse is promoted by Drilling Industry experts with vast experience in the Oil and Gas sector who are represented on its management board and are actively engaged in innovations and improving the Casing Accessories and Float equipments products line being offered in the market. Our world-class products are designed, engineered and manufactured by an expert team of more than 65 well trained and qualified employees in our manufacturing unit in Faridabad,India.
Amroc Bremse is part of the illustrious Amar Engineering Group of companies, an established name in offering engineering solutions to Indian companies since 1971.
In 2011 with joining of Mr. Gurprasad Singh as MD of the company Amar Enginnering moved into manufacturing of Oil and gas equipments to capitalize on its expertise of two decades in Sheet metal work and engineering tools design and manufacturing by starting manufacturing Oil and Gas equipments as a vendor for Indian exporter Amroc Bremse Oil Tools has been supporting domestic Oil and Gas companies by offering its full range range of equipments since 2011, After good response from the end users, In 2014 it launched its casing equipment range under Amroc Bremse brand name and has received excellent reception and support from end user.
Amroc Bremse acquired API certification for both its Centralizer and Float equipments in 2015. And since then it has not looked back and has had a trailblazing success in the international market. Amroc Bremse is already serving several global locations through its associates and agents around the globe. We have been able to serve highly demanding clients in USA, Malaysia, Ukraine, UAE, Russia, Iran, Nigeria and Middle East since 2015.
Amroc Bremse has put its brand name in the international market through its commitment to quality and by its customer focused approach to business and by differentiating through other suppliers by offering 24 x 7 Technical support.

Parent company- Amar Engineering

Amar Engineering was founded by Mr. Amarpal Singh ji. father of current Director Mr. Gurprasad Singh in 1971. The mission of Amar Enginnering was to supply high quality engineering solutions for meeting needs of a growing Railway sector in India.
Through its robust quality control and innovative solutions Amar Engineering was able to get approved with highly quality conscious RDSO, and has established itself as a reputed name as a supplier of engineering goods in the Indian Railways sector, Amar Engineering passion is to improve the industry through innovation, develop and train their employees, and better serve its customers.